Saturday, 24 December 2011

Holiday Makeup Tutorial Look #2 Otona kawaii style

This look can be worn for New Year's! Neutral lips paired with bold eyes! I will be using my Stila in the light palette:

The shadows: there's 10 and it also comes with a smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in damsel. They're sooo pretty especially the shimmer ones! <3

Order from left to right, top then bottom:

Bare, kitten, bliss, sunset, sandstone.
Champagne, gilded gold, luster, night sky, ebony,

Swatches: No Flash

And with Flash:

So once again, prime the lids to make the eyeshadow last longer AND make it brighter. I used kitten for all over the lids.

Then for the highlight I used bare.

And finally, for the crease I used midnight sky. LOVE this color! 

Of course, don't forget to blend so there's no harsh lines!

And I used the smudge stick. It lasts soo long and doesn't smudge! Here's a swatch; it makes a very thin line but you can build it up:

I made two wings at the end for a more fun look hehe. 

And LASHES! I am in love with these ones! I got these at Daiso Japan as well:

I am wearing the Barbie King size lenses in Green so awesome!

Oh and I also put mascara on my bottom lashes. I used Diorshow mascara in Black.

For the lips I am using a nude lip color because so it won't take away from my bold eyes. Mac lipstick in Lustre. 

The finished look!

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! Happy Holidays everyone! <3 Have a great break!!

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