Saturday, 24 December 2011

Holiday Makeup Tutorial Look #2 Otona kawaii style

This look can be worn for New Year's! Neutral lips paired with bold eyes! I will be using my Stila in the light palette:

The shadows: there's 10 and it also comes with a smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in damsel. They're sooo pretty especially the shimmer ones! <3

Order from left to right, top then bottom:

Bare, kitten, bliss, sunset, sandstone.
Champagne, gilded gold, luster, night sky, ebony,

Swatches: No Flash

And with Flash:

So once again, prime the lids to make the eyeshadow last longer AND make it brighter. I used kitten for all over the lids.

Then for the highlight I used bare.

And finally, for the crease I used midnight sky. LOVE this color! 

Of course, don't forget to blend so there's no harsh lines!

And I used the smudge stick. It lasts soo long and doesn't smudge! Here's a swatch; it makes a very thin line but you can build it up:

I made two wings at the end for a more fun look hehe. 

And LASHES! I am in love with these ones! I got these at Daiso Japan as well:

I am wearing the Barbie King size lenses in Green so awesome!

Oh and I also put mascara on my bottom lashes. I used Diorshow mascara in Black.

For the lips I am using a nude lip color because so it won't take away from my bold eyes. Mac lipstick in Lustre. 

The finished look!

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! Happy Holidays everyone! <3 Have a great break!!

Holiday Makeup Tutorial Look #1 Otona kawaii style

Hi guys,

Sorry it has been forever since I posted. School has been crazy and once break started I had to work. That's the life of a starving student lol. BUT good news! My Christmas present to myself is a Canon T3i DSLR so I will definitely be posting more (at least I will try!)  For today's makeup tutorial I will be doing a holiday look for those parties! This one can be worn for a Christmas party! Enjoy! PS my tan faded so I'm super white lol and don't mind my messy hair.

These looks are more on the otona style than gyaru and is more natural. Otona means adult. So Otona style is mature-adult-gyaru. So makeup and outfits are more sophisticated =) Tsubasa Masuwaka just launched her new line Otona style Dollywink products! Super cute!

All the products I used:

I am doing my eyes first before everything because I am using mineral shadows and there is a lot of fall out! I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance to prime my lids

The holidays always mean sparkles sparkles sparkles! So I will be using shimmery shadows: This color for all over the lid Bella Pierre in diligence

And this is what it looks like:

Then a goldish shimmery eyeshadow for highlight: Bella Pierre in Champagne

I also added this color in the middle of my eyelid to make it pop even more.

And finally, a dark brown shimmery shadow to emphasize my crease. 

I put this color on the outer part of my eye and blend inwards.

I always use a cream or gel liner before the liquid one. Physician's formula custom eye enhancing trio is AMAZING!

And then liquid:

And then just do the usual foundation routine. I use Arbonne Makeup Primer and then applied Revlon Photo Ready foundation in 008 Golden Beige with a foundation brush. To set the foundaton, I use Bella Pierre mineral foundation in MF004 Cinnamon.

For brighter eyes I use Arbonne Highlighter under the eyes. It's AMAZING! It just reflects the light. Here is a swatch.


And on to the bronzer to sculpt my face! I use an angled brush for this. I got mine from Sephora.
Mac bronzer in Trace Gold. 

Oh and I did my brows too lol as you can see. So for lips I am loving RED! I got the Lise Watier Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss in Rouge Flamenco in my Glymm box a while ago I LOOOVVEE IT!

A swatch:

I have to blot it with tissue after as it is very rich in color! 

 Oh and you can't forget about LASHES! These are the ones I got from Daiso Japan.

The finished look 1:

Monday, 29 August 2011

Daiso Japan Haul!!! Seattle and Vancouver trip

I just got back from my trip to Vancouver and Seattle... my first time to Seattle and I drove with my fam, we went to the outlets in Tulalip and other places on the way to Seattle and I DIED~! They had a Daiso Japan where we went and everything was $1.50 except for a few things and I spent $88 there!!! hahaha since the Canadian Dollar was higher I went CRAZY!!

What my receipt looked like LOL

 3D nail art stickers! <3<3<3
 EYELASHES! MY FAV!! They were so cheap and I tried 3 pairs already and I'm in love with them!

Sparkly nail polish! You see why I went crazy?! haha I just did my nails too : I used one of the pink sparkly nail polish and an old light pink sparkly nail polish with chunk sparkles on the tips and some 3d nail art stickers

Just a few pics from my trip: 

PURIKURA PICS FROM VANCOUVER!!!! I met up with my friend that moved there I haven't seen her in so long!!

Stanley Park in Vancouver:

Space Needle in Seattle!


Oysters! Mmm 

Pike Market:

I've never had yellow watermelon!

Bought my fav lilies for $5!!!! 

And that is it for my camwhore pics from my trip haha.