Friday, 29 July 2011

URGH!! circle lens from k-circle lens

So I ordered 2 pairs of circle lens from k-circle lens July 11th. I was pretty excited because I've seen their ad on the blogs I follow and thought (wow, it must be a good site!) I bought them with my own money and kinda wished they sponsored me instead!!!!! It finally came today and I was so excited to receive me first order from them!

I bought the Barbie King Green and the Max pure pink. I will probably do a review on them later (when I received the right pink ones).

Here is what the green looks like:

Without flash: 

With flash:

It's a little brighter green in person I don't know why my camera is showing it like this >_<

ANYWAYS, so I look at the pink ones and thought it looks funny because of the design on them. And look what I got!

TWO DIFFERENT LENSES!! WTF!!&*(%$#@! After basically waiting 2 weeks for them, they send me 2 different lenses! I emailed them about it and we shall see how long it will take for them to fix this. I am pretty upset right now!!! UGH

And I'm iffy about ordering from them again, I mean I don't know if they sell the real brands? If that makes any sense because look at the bottle:

RAINBOW!? WTF is rainbow?! The ones I usually get are GEO and they have the geo  logo and tag on the bottles and everything... Has anyone ordered from k-circle lens? Let me know if you guys have had problems with them too!

That was my rant. Haha hopefully they fix this and make it up to me because I wouldn't want to order from them again if this happens again!!!!!!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wigs from Ebay!

So I really wanted some wigs bd Iut didn't want to spend a fortune on them and found some on ebay for $11 and $13! Such a steal right? They're made out of kanekalon fibre too the japanese synthetic that feels like real hair and that has a thing that looks like real scalp.They shipped real fast too! I bought a light brown one and a blonde wig haha just for fun! Here they are: (They look really shiny with the flash but in person they're not shiny at all!)

Haha I look so funny cuz I'm so tanned

And the light brown (which is similar to my hair right now only my real hair is lighter):

With flash:


With daylight:

(see it's not shiny!)
And Fluorescent light:

I love that I can pull off the light brown one and it looks like my real hair! It didn't come with a wig cap though so I still have to get one. It's really hot under that wig though so I don't know if I can stand wearing that with the hot weather. We shall see!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hair did / Shimmer Lights review

So I dyed my hair again because my roots were starting to show. I used Loreal Feria Hi-lift brown in downtown brown since my roots are black and it lifts my hair to a light brown!
And this is how my hair turned out:

Before I dyed my hair I used a purple shampoo from Aveda I still had left from when my hair was ash blonde when it was really short! That's probably why some strands turned out light. So apparently to tone down the brassiness, yellow, orange in your hair you have to use purple shampoo! Because my hair in the sun looks orange :/ 

Not really too happy about the orangeness in my hair in the sun but it doesn't normally look like this! Anyway I wanted to tone it down so I decided to try out Clairol Shimmer Lights for blonde and silver shampoo and conditioner.

I bought it at Chatters for about $20 for both. I think you can get it at any hair salon or most likely Sally's in the US. So this is how my hair turned out in 1 wash using this:

In Fluorescent lighting.

In daylight with the sun shining from a window. As you can see the yellow/brassiness has been toned down quite a bit! But it still looks orange with the flash. >_< I left the conditioner in for like 5 minutes. I will post another blog after a week or two to see how my hair turns out!

I looovee being light for the summer but maintaining it is hard work lol. So far i am liking this shampoo/conditioner, it definitely toned down the orangey, yellow tones in my hair. There is only one disadvantage I can think of and it's the smell :/ I really don't like the smell of it, it's gross!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Aspen Beach!

Me and my friends drove to Aspen Beach provincial park since there aren't any beaches where I live. >_< only lakes which sucks. I looooveee Summer! I wish I took more pics haha

My friend Naomi preparing the shrimp! It was the tiger prawn the huge ones Mmm. She put margarine and mixed it with lemon herb spice. It was delicious!

WATER! I was already in the water knee deep haha

 I was gonna take more pics but I had to leave my camera on the shore since I didn't wanna get it wet.

 My friend's son ^ He's such a cutie!!

 Candid pics are better than posed ones haha

I hope I can enjoy this weather more often instead of working so much lol I gotta feed my shopping addiction tho! 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Simple and cute nail tutorial

A short post before I go to bed to make up for my absence. I got this nail polish in LA in Chinatown lol

But any sparkly nail polish will do! I love this one because the blue actually shows up and the sparkles are big hehe. So I just basically painted my tips and not my whole nail. The only thing I don't like about the big sparkles is that you can actually feel the texture of them and I like my nails smooth haha so I just put a couple layers of top coat of Sally Hansen Diamon Shine Base Coat & Top Coat and my nail is smooth haha.

Here is what they look like. Voila simple. fast and easy cute nails! Enjoy! ^_^


Hihi ^_^

Sorry it's been a while! I've been so busy with work I don't even have time to relax!! I will definitely try to post more often tho! Anyways here is the outfit of the day: It's raining so it's a bit chilly.

Top and high-waisted pants: H&M

Up close:


  • MAC in Swimming (green)
  • NARS in El Dorado (gold)
  • Eyelashes: got them from ebay 10 pairs in a box lol
Lips: MAC nude color lipglass the name rubbed off lol

Face: Korres Watermelon lightweight tinted moisturizer in 3 (dark)

And here's an up close look:
I'm wearing GEO Angel circle lenses in Grey. My face looks greasy here but it's just the flash I swear lol that or it's because of the heat!

So now that I have a job I've been online shopping like crazzzzyyy! I've ordered two pairs of circle lenses from and I shall do a review on them when I receive them! I'm sooo excited these are the first circle lenses I'm getting other than GEO lenses. These ones I have are decent but I want more enlargement!!

I'm also considering getting a wig from ebay just so I don't have to keep dying my hair over and over again. It's really really damaged! And when all the lovely stuff I bought online comes in I shall do a post of my online haul haha.