Friday, 29 July 2011

URGH!! circle lens from k-circle lens

So I ordered 2 pairs of circle lens from k-circle lens July 11th. I was pretty excited because I've seen their ad on the blogs I follow and thought (wow, it must be a good site!) I bought them with my own money and kinda wished they sponsored me instead!!!!! It finally came today and I was so excited to receive me first order from them!

I bought the Barbie King Green and the Max pure pink. I will probably do a review on them later (when I received the right pink ones).

Here is what the green looks like:

Without flash: 

With flash:

It's a little brighter green in person I don't know why my camera is showing it like this >_<

ANYWAYS, so I look at the pink ones and thought it looks funny because of the design on them. And look what I got!

TWO DIFFERENT LENSES!! WTF!!&*(%$#@! After basically waiting 2 weeks for them, they send me 2 different lenses! I emailed them about it and we shall see how long it will take for them to fix this. I am pretty upset right now!!! UGH

And I'm iffy about ordering from them again, I mean I don't know if they sell the real brands? If that makes any sense because look at the bottle:

RAINBOW!? WTF is rainbow?! The ones I usually get are GEO and they have the geo  logo and tag on the bottles and everything... Has anyone ordered from k-circle lens? Let me know if you guys have had problems with them too!

That was my rant. Haha hopefully they fix this and make it up to me because I wouldn't want to order from them again if this happens again!!!!!!


  1. Hello there ~

    Too bad for the pink ones :S

    Barbie King Green and Max Pure Pink are only from EOS. I don't know if EOS lens also have a way to verify the authenticity of their lens, but they definitely should.

    Good luck with your lens, hope they can fix it soon.

  2. I know >_< Hopefully they send me the right ones.


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