Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hair did / Shimmer Lights review

So I dyed my hair again because my roots were starting to show. I used Loreal Feria Hi-lift brown in downtown brown since my roots are black and it lifts my hair to a light brown!
And this is how my hair turned out:

Before I dyed my hair I used a purple shampoo from Aveda I still had left from when my hair was ash blonde when it was really short! That's probably why some strands turned out light. So apparently to tone down the brassiness, yellow, orange in your hair you have to use purple shampoo! Because my hair in the sun looks orange :/ 

Not really too happy about the orangeness in my hair in the sun but it doesn't normally look like this! Anyway I wanted to tone it down so I decided to try out Clairol Shimmer Lights for blonde and silver shampoo and conditioner.

I bought it at Chatters for about $20 for both. I think you can get it at any hair salon or most likely Sally's in the US. So this is how my hair turned out in 1 wash using this:

In Fluorescent lighting.

In daylight with the sun shining from a window. As you can see the yellow/brassiness has been toned down quite a bit! But it still looks orange with the flash. >_< I left the conditioner in for like 5 minutes. I will post another blog after a week or two to see how my hair turns out!

I looovee being light for the summer but maintaining it is hard work lol. So far i am liking this shampoo/conditioner, it definitely toned down the orangey, yellow tones in my hair. There is only one disadvantage I can think of and it's the smell :/ I really don't like the smell of it, it's gross!

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