Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wigs from Ebay!

So I really wanted some wigs bd Iut didn't want to spend a fortune on them and found some on ebay for $11 and $13! Such a steal right? They're made out of kanekalon fibre too the japanese synthetic that feels like real hair and that has a thing that looks like real scalp.They shipped real fast too! I bought a light brown one and a blonde wig haha just for fun! Here they are: (They look really shiny with the flash but in person they're not shiny at all!)

Haha I look so funny cuz I'm so tanned

And the light brown (which is similar to my hair right now only my real hair is lighter):

With flash:


With daylight:

(see it's not shiny!)
And Fluorescent light:

I love that I can pull off the light brown one and it looks like my real hair! It didn't come with a wig cap though so I still have to get one. It's really hot under that wig though so I don't know if I can stand wearing that with the hot weather. We shall see!

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