Sunday, 17 July 2011

Aspen Beach!

Me and my friends drove to Aspen Beach provincial park since there aren't any beaches where I live. >_< only lakes which sucks. I looooveee Summer! I wish I took more pics haha

My friend Naomi preparing the shrimp! It was the tiger prawn the huge ones Mmm. She put margarine and mixed it with lemon herb spice. It was delicious!

WATER! I was already in the water knee deep haha

 I was gonna take more pics but I had to leave my camera on the shore since I didn't wanna get it wet.

 My friend's son ^ He's such a cutie!!

 Candid pics are better than posed ones haha

I hope I can enjoy this weather more often instead of working so much lol I gotta feed my shopping addiction tho! 

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