Thursday, 30 June 2011

Bath & Body Works and Costa Blanca Haul and New Job! ^_^

Sorry I haven't been making any posts I recently got a job as an assistant to an estimator! I'm sooo happy I've been jobless for like a year because I had to take a full load of 6 classes for school >_< It's the best job ever I basically just do paperwork except when I have to get on a ladder to record measurements while my boss measures the roof and siding. I work for a construction company and it's been so crazy at work!

Anyways to celebrate me not being broke anymore I decided to go shopping. (I'm a recovering shopaholic) haha. It's funny how you never find what you're looking for when you have money and that there's never anything you really want but when you're broke there's so much cute stuff! Anyways if you have a Bath & Body Works near you they're having a crazy sale! Basically everything is like $4 or $3 and here is all the stuff I got:
I got another wall flower and scented thing and I only spent $30! Isn't that crazy? I don't know if it's only in Canada though =/

And I guess this isn't really a haul but I got this cute dress from Costa Blanca. I tried on like 7 things I thought was cute and only ended up with one because the other things didn't look good on me! Anyways I will try to post more tutorials and such probably on the weekend!

Here is what it looks like on:

The back:

Monday, 27 June 2011

OOTD and Bad Teacher

Face of the day: More natural makeup. Just eyeliner and fake lashes! I think we established that I like taking pictures of myself lol. Can I use the excuse of being asian? I know I'm a poser haha

Top, Bracelet and Purse: Urban Behavior
Shorts and Belt: Garage
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Costa Blanca

Don't mind the messy room haha -_-'

I went to see Bad Teacher last Friday when it came out and I definitely recommend everyone to see it for a good laugh!! I was laughing so hard the whole time!! Haha I wanted to see it since I'm finishing my BEd still have a year after this and I will be a grade 1 teacher! There were unexpected funny moments, funny awkward moments and just about every kind of funny moment! Haha the characters in the movie are hilarious! IT'S A MUST SEE!!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

SUMMER Fashion!

Since I loooveee gyaru fashion I decided to make a summer collage. LOL I made that graffiti June too. Been meaning to color it in but just been too lazy.

And here is a close up of  the collage. I accidentally cut the top off. Oops. As you can see there's a lot of pics with Tsubasa Masuwaka. <3 I looveee her!!!

I have a tiny collection of Japanese magazines and I always make collages out of them just so I can post them up on my wall for inspiration. Summer is my favorite season! Because there's so much to do, there's no school and the weather is lovely! ^_^ Oh and I can't forget about Summer fashion ;)  My favorite trend: FEATHER EARRINGS! I'm obssessed with them lol I got the most amazing ones at Urban Outfitters. They're pretty pricey $40 but they're worth it! They're long and soft.

And here is what they look like on: 

 And my feather earrings collection: The left side are both from Urban Behavior and the right side are both from Urban Outfitters!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Photography Class

So I thought I'd share some photos I took using a film SLR

. And here is a Photoshop project I had to do for my final project. Took me like 9 hours to finish! The concept behind it is my journey as an artist. 

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Gyaru Tutorial and Tinted Moisturizer review *pic heavy*

My very first blog! Bare with me as I am a noob when it comes to blogging. LOL the last time I blogged was when nexopia existed. Does anyone remember that? haha

Ok on to the tinted moisturizers: I bought Tarte smooth operator in disguise and Korres watermelon lightweight tinted moisturizer (this one is darker since I tend to be more tanned in the summer). Tinted moisturizers are a lighter solution than foundation because of the hot weather makeup tends to melt :( 

Swatches: left Tarte and Korres on the right. Without flash
Swatch with flash.


  • Both are natural product free of parabens, oils, any harmful chemicals
  • Korres has an spf 30 
  • Both dry into a powdery solution 
  • Lightweight does not feel cakey on face
  • Evens out skin tone!


  • Even though it says its oil free I find it tends to be oily :/
  • Tinted moisturizers aren't really good moisturizers lol
  • It's not a good product for full coverage (but since I don't really need full coverage it's a great product for me)
Ok on to my dolly eye tutorial! These are all the products I used:
So I used Tarte smooth operator with a foundation brush to even out my skin tone.

I usually have redness around my nose and cheeks and a tinted moisturizer is perfect! ^_^

 Using a white eyeliner, line your water line. Line the inner corners of your eyes and blend.

Ok so onto the eyes!! I usually use a primer so my eye shadows last longer.  I use MAC paint pot in let me pop. 

 So onto eye shadows! For the main color I used Nars El Dorado the goldish shimmery color. For the highlights I used this eye shadow I got from Korea in a store called Etude House. And the last color is MAC "In Living Pink".

Swatches: without flash
 And with flash:
 Sorry if you can't really see the color with the flash >_<

This is what it should look like after! ^ Now onto eyeliner! This is what I use:

 Flick motion at the end to have that winged effect!
 Then curl your lashes!
And add mascara. I used MAC Zoom Lash.
 Top lashes
 This mascara does wonders! As you can see it made my lashes very long!

 And don't forget the bottom ones!
Now we move on to false lashes! I used Ardell.
 Don't mind how it looks I've used these quite a bit haha
 I used Lashgrip for glue. And for the bottom lashes I've used Ardell half lashes and jus flipped it upside down so the curl goes downward instead of up.

With both the top and bottom lashes. ALMOST DONE LOL.
 Blush: I used this palette I got from the Body shop a long time ago.

And finally: LIPS! I used Covergirl in Sweeheart and Rimmel London in Pink Benefit.

OOTD: Maxi Dress from H&M

And that's the end of my camwhoring pics lol. Hope you guys enjoyed my first blog! ^_^