Thursday, 23 June 2011

SUMMER Fashion!

Since I loooveee gyaru fashion I decided to make a summer collage. LOL I made that graffiti June too. Been meaning to color it in but just been too lazy.

And here is a close up of  the collage. I accidentally cut the top off. Oops. As you can see there's a lot of pics with Tsubasa Masuwaka. <3 I looveee her!!!

I have a tiny collection of Japanese magazines and I always make collages out of them just so I can post them up on my wall for inspiration. Summer is my favorite season! Because there's so much to do, there's no school and the weather is lovely! ^_^ Oh and I can't forget about Summer fashion ;)  My favorite trend: FEATHER EARRINGS! I'm obssessed with them lol I got the most amazing ones at Urban Outfitters. They're pretty pricey $40 but they're worth it! They're long and soft.

And here is what they look like on: 

 And my feather earrings collection: The left side are both from Urban Behavior and the right side are both from Urban Outfitters!